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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Make the Most of your Etsy Shop in 2012

Have you wondered what you need to do to make your Etsy shop shine? Have you wondered how to become an Etsy Powerseller? Everyone wants success. We all want to know what the tricks are that make those sellers really become successful. You can have the same exact product as another shop, but by appearances alone be more or less successful selling the same exact things.

These are three very important suggestions we have to make your Etsy Shop shine and bring in more sales:

1. Make sure your photos are professional. Whether you choose to put them all on a white background (using photoshop or some other photo editing software to remove the backgrounds), or whether you choose models, make sure your photos are all uniform. We are working on this concept ourselves with our 2012 makeover!

2. Spend the extra $10 to purchase a domain name for your Etsy AND Facebook page. We recommend when you purchase a domain name, that you try to purchase at least a couple that are similar. I.E. www.sissyfrissys.com, www.sissyfrissys.net, www.sissyfrissys.co . You don't want someone to buy the alternate domain of your business and start selling the exact same thing you are and have people "happen" upon their store. You lose business that way. It's great to get these extra domains ad redirect them to your Etsy Shop, Facebook, Blog, etc. Any "real estate" you have on the web, should be connected to a domain name so you can easily direct people to your different sites.

3. Use the Circle Feature on Etsy to your advantage. This is by far our favorite new feature of Etsy. They now tell you who favorites your shop and your items. We consider these to be "leads". They are basically telling you who visits your shop and what they like. Take the extra time to send them a "convo" and let them know you appreciate them taking time out of their busy day to visit your shop. Also, extend them custom options and let them know you are available to assist them. You will see that this sets you apart from the rest and that you will be able to convert some of those leads to sales!

For more suggestions, this article is nicely put together and will help you make the most of 2012! Enjoy....and be creative!