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Monday, March 5, 2012

Check your Google Page Rank

The Google Page Rank is a scale of 0 to 10. Zero is not good and 10 is the best! Search engine optimization is an ever evolving field and we realized it's changed a lot from when we first started. We have spent a lot of time relearning the new trends and have found that while page rank is important, it's not the only deciding factor in how you show up in the searches. Basically, pages have ranks. Obtaining a link from a PR10 website to your website is a lot better than obtaining a link on a PR2 website. However, if you get a lot of links from PR3 websites, it will still help.

This tool helps you check your page rank. If it's low, I suggest starting with these steps to get it better:

1. Make sure your meta title has keywords and that you do not duplicate the same keyword.
2. Make sure your keywords match the keywords in your meta title.
3. Make sure your content on your page uses these keywords in your meta title and keywords section fluidly and do not "stuff" them in the content. The text should read easily and smoothly.
4. Use SEO Toolset Analyzer to check your meta title length, keywords length, and content length. Make adjustments if you see something is not right and then recheck it.
5. Use the Awstats in Cpanel to help find what popular keywords are that are bringing in traffic and make sure those are people you want to be getting.
6. Research competitors keywords. You can often see their keywords by right clicking their page and click "view source code". The meta information should be at the top.
7. Visit alexa.com and claim your site. Check your competitors sites and view the links that are linking into them. Check to see if you can obtain links at any of those websites.
8. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media. Anytime you comment on a blog, make sure you include your website address. Social bookmark your business on all the social networks you can. There are way more than just Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook! You can view a large list here.

If you're overwhelmed with this task or just don't have time, check out our search engine optimization packages!